NEW Vauxhall Vivaro-e Introducing the NEW Vauxhall Vivaro-e Starting From £39,663.00

An all-electric van that does the business?

The All-New Vivaro-e is a versatile performer that always gets the job done with zero emissions. And electric means low maintenance costs and no road tax. Additionally, with a government grant paying 20% of the purchase price up to a maximum of £8,000 to help you get started. It’s what we call a smart business choice.






144 Miles*

206 Miles*


1,226 kg*

1,003 kg*


3,100 kg*

3,100 kg*


​1,000 kg*

1,000 kg*





30 Mins

45 Mins


Zero emissions. Durable, dependable and practical. The All-New Vivaro works hard and keeps running costs low. It's the perfect commercial vehicle for professionals. Delivering the goods in the city or heading out on the motorway. And because it's all-electric, it does it all with no emissions.

Value my vehicle

Load Functionality

Check out the numbers on the All-New Vivaro-e. It offers a class-leading maximum payload of 1226 kg*. And it's got pulling power- it's the first electric vehicle in its sector to tow trailers. An impressive load volume of up to 6.6m3* and a maximum load length of up to 4m*. Plenty of free space for the professional. Hands full? just waggle your foot under the loading doors and the optional electric sliding door glides open. Simple. ​

* Dependent on model, on L2 models fitted with FlexCargo.

Road Ready

With All-New Vivaro-e's fully electric engine and enhanced protective cabin design, your business can go further and you'll feel safer wherever you drive - from city streets to wide-open motorways. And it's up with the pace. It has chunky 260Nm of torque and a limited top speed of 81mph.

Vivaro-e comes with a suite of safety systems to protect cabin crew and cargo on every journey. Including Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assist, Side Blind-Spot Alert, 180-degree rear-view camera and optional IntelliGrip traction control. 

Tailor-made to your business

Fit the flexible All-New Vivaro-e around your business needs. Combine the perfect length with the battery size you need to work in the city and beyond. Choose the 50kWh battery for a range of up to 144 miles or the 75kWh for a 206 mile range (WLTP)*. And go the distance.

* energy consumption Vivaro-e (combined) 23.3 - 29.5 kWh/100km; CO2 emission 0km; range (combined) 230 km to 330 km (depending on equipped options).



Keep going and going

Vivaro-e gives you a choice of batteries. The 50kWh unit has a range of up to 144 miles while the 75kWh battery delivers a range of up to 206 miles.(WLTP)*. 

And smart thinking means the low, flat battery doesn’t take up valuable room – it perfectly integrates into the vehicle without eating up any cabin space. It also helps give the All-New Vivaro-e a stable centre of gravity. Solid.

Noise Free


Zero emissions applies to noise pollution just as much as exhaust fumes. The All-New Vivaro-e is remarkably quiet. It’s the ideal vehicle for busy urban areas and residential streets. And by running silently both inside and out, it helps ease stress for drivers on those long working days. That’s better.

Regenerative Braking

Extra Energy

Here’s the science bit. Lift your foot off the accelerator and the Regenerative Braking System captures kinetic energy which can be used to take you further. Use the highest setting and most short journeys can be made without using your brakes – so they last longer and save you money.


Charging Choice

You can re-charge the 50kWh battery to up to 80% in just 30 minutes at a 100kW public charger – the 75kWh unit takes 45 minutes. Or plug in at home. The on-board 7.4kW and optional 11kW chargers will power up the All-New Vivaro-e overnight. All ready for the next working day.