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  • Greenhous delighted to support Crossbar Coaching

    Greenhous delighted to support Crossbar Coaching

    The Greenhous Group have long been an established supporter of other businesses and groups who work in the community. Of particular interest has been their involvement with sport. Most notable is the sponsorship of the Shrewsbury Town Football Club stadium, the Greenhous Meadow and the player’s shirts, however those were commercial decisions.

  • Greenhous Vauxhall customer sales event hailed a success

    Greenhous Vauxhall customer sales event hailed a success

    Greenhous Vauxhall hold an invitation event for its customers twice a year. The latest took place over the weekend of Friday, 29th to Sunday 31st August and it proved a very popular choice for Vauxhall customers.

  • All new Vivaro at Greenhous

    All new Vivaro at Greenhous

    Versatility is often a necessity for many businesses, large and small, hence the van market is buoyant with different styles. Vauxhall have launched the latest Vivaro models and Greenhous Vauxhall are offering customers the opportunity to test drive the latest models from their Vauxhall van dealership in Willenhall, Wolverhampton.

  • Young directors make advert

    Young directors make advert

    The children of Club 0-14 in Shrewsbury were given a unique opportunity during their summer holiday break. Greenhous Vauxhall on Old Potts Way invited the youngsters to produce an advert for the new Vauxhall Adam. A call from Paul Smith-Keitley, technology manager of Club 0 -14, led to the visit taking place. Parents were contacted to say that there would be an opportunity for their children to take digital photos and video at the showroom, returning to Club 0-14 to use the suite of computers to edit a and produce an advert.

  • Helen serves her time!

    Helen serves her time!

    Dave Sullivan, Greenhous Telford Franchise Director was on hand to make a special 25 year service presentation to Helen Thomas, technician at Greenhous Vauxhall in Trench Lock. Helen also served as a YTS before starting full time at Vauxhall. She is pictured with Dave in the MOT bays at Telford Vauxhall.