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  • Vauxhall Fleet girls support Movember

    Vauxhall Fleet girls support Movember

    Not to be left out the girls at Greenhous Vauxhall Fleet have come out in support of the Movember campaign and have been steadily grooming their taches to provide this splendid display. Well done, girls!

  • Protecting us all

    Protecting us all

    Have you ever wondered where your finger plasters come from? Or that defibrillator on the wall at work? Who provides those protective coveralls workers wear to avoid contamination in high risk environments?

  • Titan - construction on a large scale

    Titan - construction on a large scale

    Have you ever wondered what “Plant Hire” actually means? Well it can mean the leasing of immense machines which handle the largest of engineering projects. Titan Plant Hire in Bilston are a part of the Gill Group of companies. They specialise in supplying logistical support for all of the group, especially the large scale projects carried out by the Gill Civil Engineering arm. This includes laying vast areas of concrete at airports and marine ports around the country. And transporting staff to and from project destinations.

  • Keeping fire safety as a priority

    Keeping fire safety as a priority

    The supply of vans and light commercial vehicles is an important part of the Greenhous Group operation as most of its brands have versions in their portfolios. Greenhous Vauxhall in Telford are providing the latest Vivaro van to customers. The Vauxhall Vivaro continues to set the standard for the medium van category. With established technology and a ground-breaking range of highly economical engines. It has impressive performance and style, with the kind of features that take the tough graft out of everyday working life, its good looks and versatility enhances any business.