Daren Moore is a vastly experienced sales executive in the Greenhous Group. He has just been re-appointed as a sales executive at Greenhous Vauxhall in Shrewsbury completing a circle as he first started with Greenhous there in 1996.

Daren who lives in Baschurch with his wife, has two children.  They are keen on exploring the historical buildings of our country through their National Trust membership and enjoy City Breaks to Europe.

His first job from school was in retail with the supermarket giant, Tesco. He was soon into selling vehicles as he accepted a post selling Citroen vehicles in Shrewsbury, ironically with two of his present Greenhous colleagues, Rob Lackie and Ian Parkes who both are sales managers with Greenhous Renault.

Daren spent 17 years with Greenhous Vauxhall at the Old Potts Way dealership before moving on to work at Greenhous Volvo where he has spent the past 3 years. Now he has returned to his roots.

Daren says of his return: “I am delighted to be back with Vauxhall at Old Potts Way. I feel I have truly come home.”