Whilst admitting that at first she did not know what career to pursue at Greenhous, the opportunity to spend a year on the Apprentice Academy programme proved to be invaluable, both in terms of gaining knowledge and experience of many areas of Greenhous, as well as firming up which department Clarice Bowers wanted to work in.

After a year experiencing a range of roles including parts advisor, customer service, E-commerce, accounts and Fleet sales, Clarice has just embarked upon her first full-time role as a Junior Service Advisor at Greenhous Vauxhall in Trench Lock, Telford.

Clarice explains: “I was not sure what I wanted to do.  At school I had an ambition to become an English teacher but I was not sure whether university would be right for me. I came to Greenhous on an apprenticeship and I needed to discover what the different roles were so I could make up my mind where I would be best suited.  I now have my NVQ in Customer Service.

“I liked parts and E-commerce, but service advising attracted me the most.  I have received excellent training from my colleague Ange, and she has given me the confidence to deal with customers. In my role I welcome customers and confirm what is to be done with their car, I fill out the paperwork for the service engineers to follow. Often our customers will need a courtesy car or they will wait in our lounge area. It is important to contact the customer about the work that is being done and advise them of any extra work that might be needed. Once the work is done and the car is collected I speak to the customer, confirm the work that has been carried out, advise on any things that might be done at the next service, take payment and hand over the keys.”

Geoff Lowe is the After Sales Manager at Greenhous Vauxhall and he has been impressed with Clarice’s progress saying: ‘I am proud of what she has achieved. Just over a year ago Clarice was quiet, reserved and unsure of what she wanted to do. The transformation in her has been remarkable. She has been open to advice and learnt the job quickly. The experience she has had working at different brands and departments has been invaluable to her development as a person as well as a service advisor. I am delighted that I have an all-female service reception team in Clarice, Trudi and Angie.

Clarice (left) is pictured with Geoff Lowe and Angela Hughes.