​After spending 25 years, plus 2 years as a YTS, working for Greenhous Vauxhall, Richard Tranter was presented with a gold watch by After sales Manager, Geoff Lowe. Richard, who is from Wellington, joined Greenhous from school. He had written to all the garages in his area looking to become a mechanic and Greenhous were the first to reply.

He originally worked at the former dealership on Holyhead Road, Ketley where after spending a few years in the workshop he was asked to help out on the service reception. That was the start of his career progression to his present workshop controller role at Greenhous Vauxhall in Trench Lock which he took on around 4 years ago.

Richard is a popular figure at Greenhous Vauxhall and he is pictured with most of his colleagues in the workshop at Trench Lock. In his spare time he balances family life with his passion of fishing.