Greenhous van specialist and Telford Tiger Callum attracts sponsorship.

Callum Griffin has been a member of the Telford Tigers Ice Hockey Club since he was the age of 10.He is now an important member of the senior squad regularly playing for Telford Tigers 2 who are currently sitting in 2nd place in the league standings. Colleagues at Greenhous Vauxhall in Telford, where Callum is the Van Business Centre specialist, go to watch him in action.

Now one colleague has decided to sponsor Callum.Chris Pickering is the Motability Specialist at Greenhous Vauxhall, and he has decided to sponsor Callum’s shirt.Chris says: “I have been dealing with Motability customers at Greenhous Vauxhall for 5 years now and Callum is a valued colleague.I support ice hockey and have sponsored a player in the past at Telford Tigers, Claude Dumas. Callum is a talented player and I am delighted to support him.”

Chris is the Chairman of the Shrewsbury Beaconsfield Club and his claim to fame is as a ‘walk on extra’ in the TV programmes Emmerdale and Doc Martin.Photography and fine wine and food are among his pastimes.

For Callum his journey into ice skating started when he was taken to the Telford Ice Rink as a young boy for a session on the ice.His mother picked up a flyer for trying out for Telford Tigers and Callum was enlisted in the Beginners group.He progressed through the ranks until he became a senior player.

With 15 goals and 15 assists in 22 games this season Callum certainly makes his mark in the ice hockey matches.Matches are on a Saturday and Sunday with training on a Thursday night so it is a busy programme for the players.

Chris has his name across the bottom of Callum’s home shirt and it will become Chris’s property and be signed by all of the players and framed at the end of the season.