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A warm welcome from the new hosts at Greenhous Vauxhall.

A warm welcome from the new hosts at Greenhous Vauxhall.
There are new faces in the reception areas at Greenhous Vauxhall on Old Potts Way in Shrewsbury and Trench Lock Telford as two new host posts have been created. Welcoming customers to Vauxhall Shrewsbury is Sarah Whitfield, whilst Barbara Sokhi is the first port of call on entering the Vauxhall Telford dealership.

Both Sarah and Barbara are well versed in delivering excellent customer experience having worked for the Greenhous Customer Care team under the direction of manager Liam White. Liam is pleased that the two hosts have settled into their roles quickly. “Greenhous Vauxhall asked for hosts to be present in the showrooms to welcome customers and that is what we have provided, also moving our telephone customer advisors into the dealerships”, he explained.  “We also have an on line live chat service which is accessed through our Greenhous website, so that customers can hold a live discussion with an advisor.”

Barbara lives in a beautiful rural location on the outskirts of Shrewsbury. She started working for Greenhous in March 2014 as a Customer Care Advisor, prior to this Barbara had a lengthy career in the Civil Service. In recent years she held the position of Personal Adviser, a job which she found very rewarding.

Barbara says of her new role: “I have been in this role as Host for 3 weeks now and have received an extremely warm welcome from all members of the team at Vauxhall Telford. I am thoroughly enjoying this new challenge and look forward to improving my knowledge of the Vauxhall range.”

Sarah is from Whitchurch and has worked in Customer Care for Greenhous since February 2016 as Internet Sales Co-Ordinator for the E-Commerce team. She says of the role: “It was a great experience as it allowed me to interact across all of the brands associated with Greenhous and really helped me gain a solid understanding of cars. The new role as Host allows me to interact with customers directly and see the vehicles which I would talk to customers about via the telephone. I hope to continue my journey within the company and look to further my knowledge in Marketing.”

Previously Sarah worked as the Sales & Marketing Manager for a stationery company, where she carried out a lot of networking/ meet-and-greets and Sarah is pleased to be able to put those skills back into practice.

Pictured are Barbara Sokhi (left) and Sarah Whitfield