Charlotte about to get wet and muddy for charity.

Charlotte about to get wet and muddy for charity.
Charlotte Nicholson is the Showroom Host at Greenhous Vauxhall in Trench Lock, Telford, a role which sees her welcoming customers to the dealership with a smile and a warm greeting.

Underneath that cool, smart exterior there is an Olympian spirit as Charlotte is about to step well out of her comfort zone to take part in the Weston Park Pretty Muddy 5k on Saturday 12th May for Cancer Research UK.

Charlotte explains the need to accept this trial of mind over body: “My challenge is to run the whole 5k without stopping in the muddy conditions. I ran the 5k two years ago at the Shrewsbury Quarry for Cancer Research with no preparation at all and raised £350, purely because the challenge was to run the whole course without stopping, considering I’m not massively physically fit at all.

“The last race I did was in aid of my late Grandma who I loved dearly, sadly she lost her battle to a 10 year fight against cancer no so long ago. This year I am running for my partner’s Grandad, Bob, he is 62 and was told in December 2017 his cancer is terminal. His birthday is this Saturday, the day of the race and he has been told he has only weeks remaining and is very poorly.  The family’s strength spurs me on and I am determined to raise as much money possible for such a great cause and hopefully help stop this terrible disease.

“We are hoping to be able to get Bob into a wheelchair and out so he can watch the race and put a smile on his face. Cancer is something very close to my heart with having cared for my grandmother, more so towards the end of her life when I was much older and able to understand.

“I hope to exceed my last race target of £350, but every little helps and I greatly appreciate the support.”

If you know Charlotte please put your hand in your pocket and pledge a little cash to this wonderful cause.