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Cost of insurance discourages young drivers

Cost of insurance discourages young drivers
The cost of motoring continues to rise for most drivers, but stringent insurance premiums imposed on young drivers is forcing them off the road. This is a main finding from studies undertaken by the Department of Transport which show only 31% of 17 -20 year olds held a full licence in 2013, compared with over 43% in 1995. The main obstacles to young drivers getting on the road are the cost of learning to drive, the cost of the car and, increasingly, the cost of insurance.

 Young drivers are being advised that there is a “spike” in the cost of insurance cover after they have passed their test because insurers regard them as a bigger risk once they are driving un-supervised. Some young drivers have experienced a doubling of their insurance premium after passing their test. The premium values can be prohibitive and easily exceed £2000 even on a small engine model.

Greenhous Vauxhall have recognised this dilemma for young drivers and offer a £99 insurance for one year to any young driver who has achieved one year of full driver licence experience, whether they have passed their test or not, when they purchase a Vauxhall Corsa Excite or Limited Edition.

Vauxhall have partnered with insurance provider, ingenie, helping its young customers get on the road more affordably with its popular Corsa models.

Neil Kirkham, sales executive of Greenhous Vauxhall in Shrewsbury, explains, “This is a fantastic deal and is available to 18 to 20 year olds on these models ordered before the closing date at the end of September.”

Neil explains about the “black box” monitoring and how it helps the young driver. “Each car is fitted with ‘black box’ technology which constantly reviews driving style, including speed, acceleration, braking and cornering. Periodically ingenie provide the young driver with a score showing how well they are driving.

They also get feedback messages in a smartphone app on how to improve their driving. “By the end of the year they can get their £99 back. So effectively they will have had a year of free insurance. This deal can save most young drivers anything up to £2000 off their first year of motoring."

“We’ve made it our mission to help get young drivers on the road without breaking the bank, and most importantly to keep them safe while they’re there,” said Richard King, founder and CEO of ingenie. “Now, through our partnership with Vauxhall, we’re offering 18-20 year-olds a ground-breaking insurance premium of just £99 when they buy the most popular car amongst drivers insured with us, and, we’ll give that £99 back to them in full, if they demonstrate consistent safe driving. We believe this is the first time that potentially free insurance has been offered to this age-group.”

Young drivers or their parents can find out more information by visiting Greenhous Vauxhall at Old Potts Way, Shrewsbury or Trench Lock, Telford and speaking to the sales executives or visit the link below: