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Greenhous Collaborate With RSA Academy for ADAM Launch

Greenhous Collaborate With RSA Academy for ADAM Launch
Greenhous are working on an exciting collaboration with the RSA Academy in preparation for the launch of the brand new Vauxhall ADAM. The Shropshire and Staffordshire based car dealership has been working closely with the RSA, ready for the release in March.

 The RSA Academy, based in Bilston – Wolverhampton, is one of the new academies opened in the UK in 2008. The approach to teaching and learning is unique and is based on an ‘Opening Minds’ curriculum – a set of competences which challenge students in their ability to think, to learn, to manage people, information and situations.

Michelle Vincent, Business Studies teacher at the RSA, said “Because we follow a competency based curriculum, we are always looking to develop the student’s skills by working with external agencies and organisations. This is why we are so pleased that we have had the opportunity to work with Greenhous.

“With this collaboration in particular, we are hoping to develop skills such as creativity, thinking outside the box and also communication, especially with our post 16 students who need more practise interacting with adults ready for the working environment." Michelle continued “We believe the live element of the project will really benefit the students. Strict deadlines mean they have really had to think about time management as well as adapting to the client’s needs. Being able to put on their CVs that they have experienced working with a large, well known organisation will hopefully set them apart from others in interviews for jobs or university.”

James Wilkes, head of marketing and ecommerce at Greenhous, believes the collaboration will benefit both the RSA and Greenhous. “We recognise that the ADAM is aimed at a younger audience and wanted to work closely with the students in order to gain a better insight into what the target market is looking for.

“As the RSA is keen to work with external companies setting live project briefs, this was the perfect opportunity to join forces and produce something special for the ADAM launch. We are working alongside students to produce marketing materials including flyers, posters and a promotional video.

“Students have been handpicked depending on their skill set, including a band that have written their own track to feature on the video. In the next few weeks we will take the three ADAM models – JAM, GLAM and SLAM, over to the academy so filming can commence. This will be released shortly after the ADAM launch.”

James continued “We really think that the collaboration is a great way to showcase the student’s skills whilst preparing them for the working environment. The live brief will give them a taste of the real world that wouldn’t be achievable in a regular class project. “We have also gained extremely positive feedback from the students about the ADAM itself, with many saying they would love to drive one. Considering these are our potential future customers, this response is great to hear.”

James concluded by saying “We have really enjoyed working with the RSA Academy and we hope they gain as much out of the project as we have. We are looking forward to receiving the final results and using them within our marketing campaign.”