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Greenhous Named Number 1 Commercial Vehicle Retailer in UK

Greenhous Named Number 1 Commercial Vehicle Retailer in UK
Greenhous has announced further success for 2012 by achieving the number one retail market share in commercial vehicles. This comes after news that the Shropshire and Staffordshire based company has also had a record breaking centenary year for new car sales.

Richard Potts, sales director at Greenhous Vauxhall, said that offering a wider range of commercial vehicles combined with competitive offers and specialist support has contributed to a successful year. “Greenhous mirrored Vauxhall’s high achievements within the commercial vehicle market last year, earning us the largest retail market share in both light and heavy commercials in the area.

“This is largely thanks to a number of competitive lease deals including the Vauxhall Vivaro for just £199 per month. Vauxhall are also offering a unique 4x4x4x4 offer on vans. This means customers can get 4 years 0% APR representative, 4 years free servicing, 4 years warranty and 4 years breakdown assistance. These together provide a real peace of mind for the customer and the offer has proved extremely successful for Greenhous.

“Vauxhall have also extended their commercial range into a heavier market, with the new generation Movano increasing from 3.5 to 4.5 tonnes. This along with excellent factory support has allowed us to reach a wider target market.”

Richard also said that having a van specialist at each of the commercial sites ensures the customer receives expert advice before purchasing a vehicle. “It is increasingly important that expert knowledge is at hand to advise on bespoke conversions and technical specifications, as well as finding offers best tailored to the individual.”

Richard went on to describe the expertise amongst the staff explaining that “at Shrewsbury, Rob Skitt and Murray Jones have a loyal commercial following and a huge knowledge of the latest CV range. In Telford, Ben Esp looks after CV customers requirements, working together with specialist clients to provide bespoke conversions.

Across in Willenhall, Jason Jackson’s experience in understanding payloads and dimensions ensures the customer’s requirements are thoroughly fulfilled.” “With the largest market share in both light and heavy commercial’s and the recent merging of our three sites, Greenhous commercial vehicles is stronger than ever. We will work hard to maintain our reputation and to ensure our success continues throughout 2013.”