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Greenhous Vauxhall Continue Support of Local Businesses

Greenhous Vauxhall Continue Support of Local Businesses
Greenhous Vauxhall have continued their support of local businesses by offering Small Fleet Solutions, available on both cars and commercial vehicles.

The largest Vauxhall dealer in the county has teamed up with Shrewsbury based Morris Property to up-date their fleet with a new Vivaro and Combo. The scheme is aimed at businesses that operate with less than 25 vehicles, whether this is cars, vans or a mixture of both. The unique and integrated package is designed to support companies running small fleets with one of the widest choices of award winning eco-friendly cars and commercial vehicles.

Ben Esp, commercial specialist at Greenhous Vauxhall Telford, believes the scheme is the best way for businesses to build their fleets. “The idea of the Small Fleet Solutions Scheme is to ensure that companies with a low number of fleet vehicles are getting the best deals to match those with large fleets.

“We have noticed an increase in businesses that want to change and up-date their commercial vehicles recently. With the economy growing at its strongest rate since 2007, this is a real contrast to the customer behaviour we have seen in the past few years.”

Alongside Small Fleet Solutions, Greenhous are also offering the Astravan Loyalty Scheme. This was introduced by Vauxhall after the Astravan ceased production and means current Astravan owners can receive an additional £750 discount on New Combo orders without having to trade their Astravan in.

Ben continued “Morris Property took advantage of the Astravan Loyalty that Vauxhall are now offering. Alongside a new Vivaro, they have also added a brand new Combo to their fleet without having to let go of their Astravan.”

Morris Property based in Shrewsbury, have over 100 years’ heritage of building, restoring and leasing property. Julie Shaw from Morris Property thinks the deal has benefitted the company. “The Small Fleet Solutions scheme is great for a business like us. Having only a small fleet, we still wanted to get a good deal on our vehicles and by taking advantage of the Astravan Loyalty scheme, we did just that.

“Being able to keep our Astravan while getting a great discount on the Combo and Vivaro means that we have been able to grow our fleet without spending too much. Working with Greenhous has made the whole process incredibly easy and knowing that they are there for our servicing needs gives us real peace of mind.”

Ben concluded “We are fully focussed on the needs of smaller fleets and are qualified to deliver specialist knowledge and the advice that each individual business needs. Not only can we provide great offers on brand new vehicles, but we can also help with the disposal of old vans with part exchange deals. “Working with Morris Property has been a pleasure and it is great to see them benefitting from the Loyalty Scheme. We are sure that their New Combo will last just as long as their Astravan!”