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Greenhous Vauxhall customer sales event hailed a success

Greenhous Vauxhall customer sales event hailed a success
Greenhous Vauxhall hold an invitation event for its customers twice a year. The latest took place over the weekend of Friday, 29th to Sunday 31st August and it proved a very popular choice for Vauxhall customers.

 At both dealerships, in Old Potts Way, Shrewsbury and Trench Lock, Telford, the staff had worked hard to transform the showrooms and give the impression of a glitzy film premier, complete with full size figures of famous film stars and celebrities. Customers entered the showroom along a red carpet with music, lights and drapes. They received a warm welcome from a hostess and were offered hospitality whilst waiting for their appointment.

The showrooms were full of new cars from across the Vauxhall range and many used cars were also on the forecourts. Special deals were available to tempt the customers and many took advantage of the great offers.

The numbers of customers booking for appointments has increased over recent events a point not missed by Dan Foskett, sales manager of Vauxhall Telford. “We have experienced a 30% increase in our take up for this event which is very pleasing. We are able to provide offers on all of our models, so there is something to suit all. All of our staff are very busy.”

Over at Vauxhall Shrewsbury the picture is repeated with Neil McKenzie, sales manager reporting so many customers taking up the invitations that they built in a separate “special day” the following Saturday, as they had fully booked all of their spaces for the invitation weekend. He was delighted by the response and says, ”Our existing customers were contacted, most by e mail or post, to invite them to the event. This makes it a special day and we have been over-whelmed by the response this time. The showroom has recently been completely refurbished and we have a much more comfortable environment for customers and staff to enjoy.”

Dan and Neil were both extremely pleased with the take up for the event and by the numbers of cars they sold. Both reflected on the tremendous effort put in by their staff in the run up to the event and over the weekend when all of the sales executives had a continuous list of appointments Shrewsbury as between the 12th and 15th September 2014, Vauxhall is giving away a £500 cash gift card when any customer orders a new Vauxhall car or van during the event, which is then registered by 30 September 2014. And that’s on top of their other great offers.

Speak to your local Greenhous Vauxhall dealer for more details.