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Vauxhall announces Zafira Tourer for late 2011 launch

Vauxhall announces Zafira Tourer for late 2011 launch
Vauxhall have released their concept for the Zafira Tourer; dubbed a model that will ‘raise the bar for design, luxury, flexibility and innovation in the MPV sector’.

The Tourer will feature the flex7 seating system, as initiated in the original Zafira, however with much improvement in the flexibility and comfort stakes. The middle row features three separate seats that can be moved forward and backwards allowing for extra leg room for the third row passengers. The middle row passengers can also benefit from extra shoulder and elbow space by folding and rotating the middle seat into an arm rest and moving the outer seats closer to the centre of the car. As with the current Zafira, the entire third row can be folded flush with the floor when not needed.

The design of the Tourer has been made much sleeker, with a panoramic windscreen that combines with a large sunroof on some models to increase the feeling of spaciousness. Enhanced visibility from the inside as a result of larger side windows and slimmed A-pillars all contribute to the feeling of being in a ‘lounge on wheels’ as described by Mark Adams – Vauxhall/Opel’s Vice President of Design. Vauxhalls dynamic FlexFix is also available; an integrated bicycle carrier slots into the rear bumper and pulls out to carry two bikes – meaning you don’t have any more fixing tools stuck on the outside of the car.

The Tourer is set to have great driver appeal, as a new chassis, using key components from the Insignia, with a longer wheelbase (the vehicle will be 190mm longer than the original Zafira) and wider tracks will provide outstanding dynamics and handling. Driving will be aided by an array of safety and driver features, including: radar-based Adaptive Cruise Control, blind spot alerts, parking assistance and Collision Mitigating Braking which constantly monitors the distance to the vehicle in front and reduces speed accordingly, or where need be emergency brakes to avoid a collision.

Under the bonnet you will find three versions of the Vauxhall 2.0 CDTi diesel engine, with power outputs of 108, 128 and 138bhp, while those who prefer petrol engines can chose between a turbocharged 1.4 and a naturally aspirated 1.8 litre, both producing 138bhp. All in all the Zafira Tourer is set to be a great family car which, thanks to an added dose of style and luxury, has broken away from the usual mould of the people carrier sector. The new Zafira is set to land in dealerships at the end of the year. Watch this space for more news and reviews!