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Vauxhall re-launch £2,000 Scrappage Allowance

Vauxhall re-launch £2,000 Scrappage Allowance
Vauxhall has re-launched its Scrappage Allowance scheme, which means customers can take advantage of a £2,000 (including VAT) scrappage trade-in against most new passenger cars in its range at Greenhous Vauxhall in Shrewsbury and Telford.

To qualify for the scheme, customers must have owned their trade-in vehicle for a minimum of 90 days. There is no upper age limit for cars and any manufacturer’s vehicle will be accepted. The Scrappage Allowance scheme is available at Greenhous Vauxhall from the 8th October until the 15th December

 Customers can combine scrappage with Vauxhall’s other great offers including Flexible Finance, Flexible PCP and a free insurance offer. For example, young drivers could take advantage of £99 insurance (18 to 20 year olds) for one year’s insurance on both ADAM SLAM and Corsa Limited Edition, while those aged 21 and over could get one year’s free insurance.

 “Vauxhall’s Scrappage Allowance scheme makes buying a new car even more affordable,” said Leon Caruso, Vauxhall's Retail Sales Director. “Even customers who think that their current car is only worth a few pounds can now turn it into a £2,000 contribution towards the cost of a new Vauxhall – and that’s over and above any other deals they negotiate with the retailer, including free insurance on ADAM SLAM and Corsa Limited Edition.”

 Dan Foskett, Greenhous Vauxhall sales Manager, hails the new scheme saying: “There has never been a better time to come and speak to us about scrapping your old car and investing in a new vehicle.

 “Your old car may only be worth £1, but it can be used to qualify for a £2000 scrappage benefit off a new car which, with 0% interest and a finance deposit allowance, can mean substantial extra savings on a new car, rather than looking at a used vehicle.”

 This means for example that a 21-year old customer participating in scrappage, could receive £1,190 finance deposit contribution and pay just £193 per month over 36 months for a Corsa three-door 1.2-litre Limited Edition, which includes one year’s free insurance and one year’s free OnStar and 4G Wi-Fi*.

 Dan continues to highlight the benefits of new vehicle purchases. “Older cars may be less fuel efficient and produce more emissions, have a higher road tax, a greater need of repair and servicing and of course need an annual MOT.  Whereas a new car comes with fuel efficient engines, lower emissions and road tax costs, no MOT for 3 years and of course it will have a warranty term. Newer vehicles have much higher specifications available too for comfort and safety.”

 As part of the scheme, vehicles must be traded-in and scrapped to be eligible for the allowance.  All surrendered vehicles will be handled by Vauxhall’s official contracted end of life vehicle partner Autogreen through their online platform The offer is available across Vauxhall’s passenger car range excluding VIVA, Corsa Sting and Sting R and ADAM JAM. Terms and conditions apply.

 *On selected models only. OnStar is a comprehensive package, which includes a high-speed 4G Wi-Fi mobile network, emergency response notification and stolen vehicle recovery technology.